It's Summertime!

We are so looking forward to the warm weather and showing off our new bags. 

What have we been up to? 

Well, we attended the Mermaid Market for the first time and had an overwhelmingly positive response!  Thank you for all that came out and purchased a bag.  We were able to make a decent donation to our charity project.


What are we doing next?

Our next charity project we are donating to is very fitting as it helps to donate sewing machines to single women.  The projects total goal is $2,700 and there is two months left on the project so we will be helping to support this project through June and July.  Here is more information about the project and how you can donate personally.

Donate Now

We also just purchased some new fun patterns and fabrics that I am so excited to share with you! Here is a preview of some of the outside prints.

You can’t hate yourself happy. You can’t criticize yourself thin. You can’t shame yourself worthy. Real change begins with self-love and self-care.
— Jessica Ortner