Welcome to Thistle + Things

She blooms even when darkness engulfs her, for her life, her worth and her peace are dictated by nothing but herself
— Becca Lee

Welcome to Thistle + Things all you wildflowers!

Who am I?

I am Amberleigh and I consider myself to be a "strong independent woman" as my husband often says.  I have spent 6 years working as a middle school teacher and have enjoyed working with kids, creating, and feeling like I am part of something bigger.  I hope that this company carries over the passions of working with people, inspiring and supporting those in need, and of course, creating.  

Why bags? 

While I hope to continue to make many things, I am starting off with some handmade bags.  I love to sew and often find myself drawn to fun patterns and cool textures.  I had a blast mixing textures for the exteriors of my bags and then finding a pop of pattern for the inside.  I will admit I am a little OCD at times and enjoy being organized so I noticed I was collecting all kinds of zipper pouches and bags.  Why not make my own?  However, there are many people who make bags, why make room for me?  Well, I love how versatile the prints I found where and how they match many different outfits, but what makes me different in the message I hope my products convey, I want my bags to make you feel good about yourself too.

tt_bagon pink_holding.jpg


Making a Difference

I still have a desire to make a difference in the world, whether its through teaching, community service, or my products.  So I am starting with trying to empower the individual, I find that if someone is confident and realizes that they can make a change in the world, then that is the first step.  To do this, I have included a personal message inside all of the "Essential Bags" that says "You Matter".  I think knowing that you matter is the first step to empowerment.  I have also included two cards in each bag.  One card says "I am . . ." with room to write down what trait you would like to focus on such as "I am powerful".  You can save this card as a reminder in the pocket inside your bag or tape it to a mirror or something you look at daily.  I also included a "You are . . ." card so that you can pass it on and spread the kindness with the hopes of empowering someone else.

This is Just the Start

I would love to continue to build a community of women supporting women to build self confidence and inspire them to make changes in the world around them.  However, that will just be the start.  I am hoping that I can find a way to donate proceeds from each purchase to local organizations that also help out women and are supportive of women.  I am also looking to eventually source materials from companies that source materials ethically and support women in their communities.

So join me on this journey and maybe together we can make a difference!